March 27, 2014

The embarrassing plectrum.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is nothing more embarrasing than standing in front of a festival audience of 100 thousand people, going for the mega solo and ……! Your plectrum jumps out of your fingers into the 3rd dimension. Where else would it be? You look down and it’s nowhere to be seen. And you look for your roadie (sorry, I meant guitar technician) and he’s busy taking down the email address of a beautiful blonde.

Plectrum slider

So what is the solution?

Solution #1.

Increase the grip of the plectrum by either roughing up the surface with some sandpaper, or putting some duck tape on both sides.

Solution #2.

Attach a line of plectrums along a nearby surface (monitors, mike stand, amp top) using duck tape. Just attach them by the very tip of the plectrum so they are easy to pull off when you need one.


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